The Importance of Getting Help with Mediation in Clarksville

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Lawyers

Going through a court case is something most people do not want to have to deal with. This is especially true if the court case becomes a long and drawn out one. Though many court cases cannot be avoided, some can end up being solved before they end up going to court. Through mediation in Clarksville services, many court cases are able to be settled and taken care of, without the need for a judge. To avoid the hassles of your court case, working through the mediation process can be a welcome experience.

What Happens When You Go Through Mediation Clarksville?

While you are waiting to attend your court hearing, you may have a mediation in Clarksville meeting scheduled. A mediation meeting is a meeting that is headed over by a third-party mediator. This mediator is not over the meeting to make a judgment on the case, but is there to make sure each side gets their time to speak. The mediator helps to encourage conversation in the process, in the hopes an amicable agreement may be found.

Mediation may be settled in one single meeting or it may take subsequent meetings. Sometimes, even with several meetings, the mediation process is not successful and the details of the case cannot be settled. If this is the case, your case will be scheduled in court and heard by the judge. The judge will be the one to make the final decision when this happens.

Many cases are able to be settled in this manner, successfully helping the court systems to prevent being bogged down with too many cases. This type of process is often most successful in small cases, like personal injuries and negligence cases. Your attorney will be able to give you information on the mediation process and help you to know if it may benefit your case.

If you have a pending court case and need assistance with mediation, contact the law office of Batson Nolan PLC. This law office can help you through the mediation process, in the hopes your court case may be able to be settled without the intervention of the court system.

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