The Importance of Color Testing Your Carpet Before Cleaning


If you own an oriental rug then you know how important it is to use professional oriental rug cleaners. Cypress, TX is home to some of the best specialty rug cleaners who know how to treat your rug so that it maintains its color, beauty, and integrity after a cleaning. Many oriental rugs are hand woven and require specialized care in order to avoid damage or wear. It’s never a good idea to rent an at-home carpet cleaner and attempt to clean your nice, expensive rugs yourself. While this may be fine for the average bedroom floor carpet, it can create irreversible damage on an oriental area rug.

Color Testing Oriental Rugs

One area of importance before cleaning is color testing. Some rugs have special dyes, some of them from natural origins, and the colors cannot be replicated or rejuvenated to the original state if damage occurs. When you use professional oriental rug cleaners in Cypress, TX, they will color test your carpet to ensure that the cleaning process won’t drain or fade the colors. The more intricate your rug is, the more care that needs to be taken to ensure that no color damage occurs to the rug. The average carpet cleaning equipment will recommend that you clean a patch of carpet to test for color damage, but why take a chance of any color damage when a professional cleaning company can use the right methods?

How do Cleaning Companies Know if a Rug is Color Fast?

A number of components can work together to cause color to bleed on an oriental rug. Carpets with pet stains often have problems with color bleeding because the acid in pet urine breaks down the dyes. Cleaning solutions with unbalanced PH can lead to color bleeding, and solutions that are too warm can break down the dyes and cause running.

Professional oriental rug cleaners in Cypress, TX will use stabilizing agents to determine if a rug is colorfast. If it is, the company knows it has a window of time to professionally clean that carpet using the right techniques and methods. If an oriental rug fails to pass a color test, the company will recommend alternative methods for cleaning to ensure the integrity of your rug.

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