Implant Dentist


Dental implants are one of the options for replacing missing or lost teeth and it requires an implant dentist to do the job right. If you want to get some dental implants, the first step is to find an accredited implant dentist certified by the American Academy of Dentistry for best results.

These are the dentists who are professionals and who have earned their credentials by hard work, studying and passing all the requirements put out by the AAD. Choosing such an implant dentist will assure that you get long term good results so you can eat, talk, and do all that you need to do with ease.

Get an Implant Dentist with Proper Credentials

When seeking your dentist to get implants, one with the proper AAD certification will have the following credentials:

  • Completed 300 or more hours in postdoctoral training in implant dentistry
  • Trained in the process of dental implants, including the diagnosis and surgical placement
  • Demonstrated their qualifications and skills via tests and exams

What to Ask Your Dentist About Their Implant Skills

Before you get implants, you should ask the dentist several questions if you want to evaluate their skills. Some of those questions include asking how many implant surgeries they have done, how successful those were, what their education was, the type of anesthesia they use, the steps in the implant process, and the type of procedure they recommend for your situation.

Best Dentists Will Explain Process, Meet Proper Standards of Care

The bottom line is that the best implant dentist will be the one that has the proper education, credentials and certification that will allow them to meet proper standards of care, as well as one that will explain the process to their patients so they know what to expect when getting dental implants. For more information visit You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.