If Your Claim For Disability Was Rejected, Should You Hire An Attorney?


If you are disabled as a result of a physical or mental problem, you have the right to file for financial assistance from the Social Security Administration. There are no rules that state you must have the able assistance of a Social Security attorney in Michigan but, an experienced attorney can help you win your claim, especially when your appeal reaches the hearing stage.

Chances are good that your initial claim will be denied, statistically, three quarters of them are. When you receive notification to this affect you have 60 days in which to begin the appeals process. If you applied without any assistance, this is the time to consider hiring an attorney that knows what to expect next.

The appeals process:

Although it is possible to take an appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, rarely would this happen. The first stage of the appeals process is little more than asking the SSA to reconsider their initial decision to deny your claim. Rarely is the decision over turned at this stage. The next stage is a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is here that you and your Social Security attorney in Michigan can present medical evidence that supports your claim and if your attorney thinks it will help, he or she can introduce witnesses that will attest to your disability.

Medical evidence is by far the most important factor; the ALJ uses this to assess your testimony as well as to help formulate questions that the judge will ask as well as questions that may be asked by vocational and medical expert witnesses brought in by the SSA.

An important key to a successful appeal:

Your Social Security attorney in Michigan will have present numerous clients to hearings, your attorney knows from experience what to expect and in turn, tutor you on the appropriate responses. The chances of winning your claim are far better when you are represented by a seasoned attorney than they are should you opt to go it alone.

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits was denied, you will be far better off if you hire an experienced Social Security attorney in Michigan. You are invited to discuss your claim with the attorneys at website.