If you have been arrested, bail will help with your release

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If and when an individual is arrested and placed in a cell, in the majority of cases the objective is to get released fast. This is when the individual posts bail. Rancho Cucamonga bail bonds, cash or property can be used to gain freedom, the bond is that which ensures that the individual returns to appear in court when told to do so. In the event the individual fails to appear the court will usually issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the person and keep the bail.

Who sets the bail amount?

Setting bail is the prerogative of judges. As most people in this position wish to be released as soon as possible; rather than wait for a bail hearing many jurisdictions have a set bail schedule for common crimes.

If the individual does not have the money or cannot raise it from friends and family members, he or she will turn to a bail bondsman.

The US constitution actually states that bail should not be set too high; the objective of bail is to allow the individual that was arrested and jailed to gain temporary freedom as well as ensuring that the person will appear in court when called.

Paying bail:

Bail can be any one of the following:

  • Cash in full

  • Property worth the amount of bail set, or

  • The individual can arrange for Rancho Cucamonga bail bonds

The cost of arranging a bail bond:

In the state of California the bail bonding company is allowed to charge the individual ten percent of the face value of the bail that has been set by the court. The bonding company can also charge their actual expenses that they incurred while arranging the transaction. To avail of a bond, the individual must provide supporting collateral and provide the bonding company with any changes in employment or an address change.

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