Identifying 3 Possible Occurrences With An Injury Attorney In Birmingham, AL

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In Alabama, accident victims have two options for acquiring compensation from the individual who is guilty of their injuries. They can file an insurance claim through the individual’s insurance carrier or to file a lawsuit. If you wish to file a lawsuit, you should contact an Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL today.

Common Personal Injury Claims:

1. Product’s Liability: According to local statistics, more than 20,000 claims each year based on a product’s liability. This makes up to seven percent of the personal-injury cases annually. This type of personal injury presents the highest median compensation payout, which is approximately $300,000. Examples of these cases include faulty toys, risky products that lack warning labels, and products that were used prior to the public notification of a lawsuit. The last of which could apply to class-action suits associated with pelvic mesh devices, birth control pills, or cigarettes.

2. Assault-related Claims: During altercations or outright assaults, it is likely that the victim will sustain significant injuries. According to reports, simple assault has made up over two million cases throughout the United States. These injuries often occur in conjunction with other actions such as domestic violence. In these cases, tort laws will apply and may include emotional distress.

3. Slip and Fall: Slip and fall-related injuries are a prominent occurrence among personal injuries. In fact, there are a reported seven million slip and fall injuries each year. Unfortunately, over 20,000 of these injuries result in death. Common locations in which victims fall are shopping centers, local parks, and in the home of a friend or family member. The elderly makes up a large percentage of deadly falls each year due to fractures and trauma.

Assessment of risks associated with personal injuries determines the likelihood that an injury could occur. While not all property owners evaluate these risks, attorney representing the victim can and utilize this information to fight in court. An investigation of how the accident occurred allows the attorney to gather facts that are vital to their client’s case. If you were injured due to no fault of your own, you should visit domain URL to hire an injury attorney in Birmingham AL today.