Ideal Places to Make a Vertical Wall Garden a Feature or Focal Point

Home And Garden

Having plants in your home in Hoboken or elsewhere can be incredibly beneficial. They supply oxygen to help you breathe easier, and some even clean the air of harmful pollutants. They also bring in sunshine (mainly because you must open the shades for them to get light), and they make you feel good all over. Having a vertical wall garden indoor is a great idea for your home.

There are many different plants you can consider adding to your garden. From herbs to lettuce to spinach – whatever! They will make an amazing addition to your living space. The best part is that they don’t take up too much. The next best part is that they supply you with fresh food for your kitchen. If you’re looking for some ideas on places to put a vertical wall garden, consider the suggestions below.


The kitchen is an ideal place for your vertical wall garden indoor, especially if you plan on growing herbs. That way, they’ll be close and easy to access as you cook a wonderful meal. It’s a good idea not to place them near the stove or fridge, as the heat from both units could wilt and dry out the plants.

Dining Room

Placing the vertical wall garden indoor in the dining room will add some color and cheer to this space. The plants will still be close to the kitchen so you can access them. If you don’t have a lot of wall space in your kitchen, this is a good solution to that problem.

Living Room

Adding a vertical wall garden to a wall in your living room will add something extra to the space. You can plant food items or even flowers and other plants to add some greenery and natural color to your living area.