HVAC Repair in Fort Myers: Learn Routine Services

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An HVAC system, just like any other appliance in your home, requires regular repair and maintenance services. Proper maintenance will ensure longevity and the efficiency of your equipment. This can save you money and time. This equipment is complicated and therefore requires the expertise of a professional contractor to perform the following repairs:

Air filters

The work of filters is to block out dust, pollen and other small particles. Filters in heating and cooling systems should be cleaned regularly. Moreover, they should be replaced after sometime. This is one of the most basic, simplest and most effective routine HVAC Repair in Fort Myers. Whether you have central air conditioning, window units or a furnace, the task is the same. Clogged filters in the systems reduce the efficiency of the entire system. Experts recommend these filters to be cleaned or changed after every two months. When carrying out the task, keep in mind how the filter slides into the system as you toss the old one and slide the new one in.


Cooling systems have drains that remove condensation which builds over time. The condensation is dirty and normally carries dirt and other small particles that clog the drain. You can push a wire through the drain and knock out the dust and other particles. However, it can be a tough task and you may require assistance from professionals.

Pilot light

The repair service is only applicable to natural gas heating systems. It serves as the ignition to light gas on your furnace otherwise the heater will just push air of the same temperature as the outside weather. In case you notice a problem with your natural gas heater, contact a professional contractor to diagnose and rectify the problem. Normally, a gas furnace has a blue pilot light. Any other kind may cause mechanical problem.


The thermostat is an important item that should be working properly at all times. If it makes your room too cool or hot, it needs to be replaced. There is a lot of energy wasted when a thermostat works like this. Your house temperature should be the same with the one set on the thermostat. Repair of thermostat requires a professional contractor.

Eco Air of Southwest Florida recommends home-owners to have a professional contractor perform regular check-ups. The company has qualified contractors who can help you in ensuring all of your heating systems are working well.

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