Hurt on Ice? Call a Slip And Fall Lawyer in Fort Collins


Anything can happen as a person goes about their daily life. Considering what goes on during the day and evening, it’s no wonder there are automobile wrecks and other injuries due to negligent people. All one has to do is stand on a street corner and watch. Drivers go through stop signs and lights. They are in a never ending hurry with minds on their cell phones while texting, even though they know they’re not supposed to text while driving. Texting and driving is almost as bad as drinking and driving, if not worse, because it’s viewed as doing nothing wrong but writing to a loved one.

How badly have you been injured? You may think that you’re not hurt bad enough to sue someone. Let Burton and Burton Law Office decide that. Take advantage of having the free consultation they advertise and then, take their advice. If they feel they can’t win your case, they’ll tell you, but at least you’ll know for sure. They take cases where people have been hurt or loved ones have been killed in automobile accidents. One of your parents may have died because of a misdiagnosed illness, given pills that were later taken off the market or a surgical tool was left inside the body during an operation.

You may have fallen down the steps when shopping or slipped on ice that was supposed to have salt sprinkled on it. This is the perfect time to call the slip and fall lawyer in Fort Collins. He’ll/She’ll go over the accident with you and ask many questions about that day or night. Your attorney will want to get the hospital records and other documents pertinent to your case. If the attorney accepts it and wins your case for you, that’s when you pay your attorney’s fees. Many people won’t have their first consultation because they feel they simply don’t have the money. After all, they’ve already been injured and are missing work so they assume they won’t be able to pay a slip and fall lawyer in Fort Collins.

There are many reasons people need to hire a lawyer. They range from having an attorney make a Last Will and Testament and other Estate Planning issues. Don’t put off calling your personal attorney for whatever reason, and especially, if you’re injured and hurting because of someone else’s negligence. They’ll fight for you.