How Wood Doors Get Exquisitely Crafted

Wooden Doors

In the old days of door construction, crafting wooden doors was a skill that few had. Carpenters would spend years of apprenticeship in order to be able to build the best doors that they could. In the twentieth century, this tradition of high quality door construction has fallen by the wayside, and instead mass-produced doors have taken over the market. Hand-crafted doors are still available, of course. However, the cost associated with them is extravagant and only a few are able to afford it. Some mass produced doors are not that horrible in their design, but it takes a true craftsman to design a door that is worthy of installation and looks good in any building. This explores how a master craftsman designs a wood door.


Before the door is even considered, the type of wood to be used should be determined. Hardwood doors in Los Angeles, CA are harder to make because of the difficult and stubbornness of the wood to equipment. However, they are far more durable that lighter wood. They are also naturally resistant to pests, and most termites would avoid a wooden door construction of hardwood. Softwood doors are much easier to make, and the treated versions of softwood used in doors make them as or more resistant to pests as the hardwood doors. Lighter wood also means the door is easier to handle, as it makes installation a much less daunting task. Hardwood doors usually cost more than softwood doors, even if the softwood is treated for pest resistance.


What makes a door stand out is not the material of construction, however. It’s how well designed the doors are. Ornate doors are built with the idea of etchings and embossing along the front face. Plain panels are boring, since most mass-produced doors tend to have them. Well-designed doors incorporate curves in the face of the door via design, to break up the monotony of the straight lines and give a more organic feeling to the wooden door. In addition to this, wooden doors are usually stained or varnished to give a truly ‘finished’ feel. Varnished and stained doors have a completeness that synthetically made doors just lack, no matter how hard they try to copy it.

Exquisitely crafted wood doors are not so much an entryway as they are a work of art. Well-crafted doors can last decades before needing to be replaced. There is a certain sense of accomplishment when you mount a well-crafted wood door. It adds to the feeling of opulence around the residence. Los Angeles, CA is known for its love of ornate wood doors, and spotting one of them in this state is almost guaranteed. Contact Custom Mouldings Sash & Doors for hand crafted doors. From a design perspective, there is very little that can top an exquisitely built wood door.