How to Use Potty Pads to Train Your Dog


There is nothing more stressful than trying to house train your new puppy, but there are options to make it a bit less overwhelming. One of the options to choose from includes potty training pads for dogs. We’ll look at how you can use this product to train your puppy quickly and easily.

Reasons for Training

If you live in an apartment in the city or struggle with a mobility issue, it can be more difficult to take your puppy outside to use the restroom than it otherwise would be. In some cases, training the dog to use potty pads is an excellent alternative. We’re going to go over some tips for their use now.

Supervision Matters

One of the most important aspects of training is being sure that your dog is not unsupervised away from their crate. This is when a dog can slip away and have an accident. When you are supervising, you can watch them and ensure they use the potty training pads for dogs. Having a crate can keep them safe and prevent unwanted accidents.


When placing the pad, make sure it is somewhere that is easy for your dog to access. It’s also best to avoid moving it during the training process as this can confuse the animal. Choose a space and stick with it for the best results.

When the puppy is out and playing, make sure to institute regular breaks to the pad so they can use it if needed. The amount of time will vary based on their age. Young dogs might need to visit every 15 minutes or so while dogs that are a bit farther along will not need to visit as often. Give the dog a few minutes so they have time to decide to relieve themselves, if needed.

Instructions & Reward

Make sure to have a command you use so your puppy comes to associate it with using the puppy pad. If they do so, provide some sort of reward. This can be anything from a treat to extra time with a favorite toy. If the dog has an accident, avoid punishment. Just work harder to watch them the next time.

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