How to Select the Right Venue for a Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most remarkable moments in a couple’s life and they strive to plan a ceremony that will be unforgettable. There are many aspects to plan for when a coupe is exchanging vow. From selecting the decoration to choosing a cake, they have so many choices to make to make their big day special. One of the most important decisions they will make is selecting the right venue to host their wedding in. Hotels in Irvine, Ca can offer the perfect setting to exchange their vows in along with a stunning area to host their reception all under one roof.

What to Consider when Choosing a Venue

  • Does the venue fit the style of wedding that you will be having?
  • Do they offer a package deal for the venue and catering services if they provide delectable treats to dine on?
  • Are you able to choose from an indoor or outdoor setting that they have available?
  • Is the space large enough to fit your anticipated amount of guest?
  • What about accommodations for out of town guest and transportation for them while they are in town?
  • Is the space available for your wedding date?
  • Does the hotel offer a discount on rooms if you require accommodations for your guests?
  • What type of amenities do they offer your guests while staying in their hotel?
  • Is the venue affordable for the budget you have set aside for your wedding?

Consider One of the Most Prestigious Hotels in Orange County

If you are searching hotels in Irvine, CA area consider speaking with a representative at the Atrium Hotel. Their skilled staff can help tailor your services around your wedding to make your big day even more special. From a small lounge that fits 40 guests to a large spacious garden ballroom, they can help you select a venue that will accommodate your guests while providing the romantic setting you are looking for.