How to Reward Your Child for Good Behavior at Their Children’s Dentist in Charleston, SC


Finding ways to reward your child for doing well at the dentist can be a challenge for parents. They don’t want to stoop so low as to bribe their child, but they also want them to know how proud of them they are for doing something so brave. How do you reward your child for good behavior at their Children’s dentist in Charleston, SC? Here are two great places to start.

Give Them the Gift of Your Time

A great way to reward your child for a successful dentist visit is to spend time doing something with them that they enjoy. Choose a time to sit down with them and color or build with Legos. If they like art, keep a box of items from the craft store and just have fun creating something together. Children love spending time with their parents so promise a bike ride together or read them their favorite book. Take 30 minutes out of your day to kick around the soccer ball, throw the baseball or play dolls. You don’t have to spend money to reward your children. Often, the gift of time is the best thing you can give them. Get creative and make the rewards unique and special to your child.

A Special Family Night Game or Meal

Another great way to reward your child for a great visit with the Children’s dentist in Charleston, SC, is to do something special together as a family. Have a special game night playing their favorite game or let them choose dinner for their reward. Some other great ideas include having a family movie night, going to the park or doing something new and fun to reward them.

The real challenge many parents face when it comes to their child’s dental care is figuring out how to reward a good trip to their Children’s dentist in Charleston, SC. For more tips and ideas, contact Charleston Smiles today.