How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Landlords

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While the relationship between most renters and their landlords is perfectly acceptable, however well you get on with them and any roommates that you share with, it is important that when money is involved, there is a clear paper trail that proves you have made your payments. A custom money rent receipt book will define when the payment was made and the amount of the payment, which may prove that the payment was made on time and the amount was correct.

Within A Team of Roommates

When a group of individuals rents a set of rooms from a landlord, a money rent receipt book will prove that everyone has paid their share of the money on a specific date and that this receipt of money has been witnessed by the person responsible for paying the landlord.

The money rent receipt book proves that the money has changed hands, even if it does not reach the landlord in time or with the correct amount. Each renter will be able to prove, by holding their perfect copy for receipt of the payment, that they are not at fault.

Protect Yourself Against Poor Landlords

Some landlords decide to act under the radar and are not necessarily truthful and trustworthy. They may not have permission to rent out rooms in their property. They might not have discussed this opportunity with their mortgage company. They may not be declaring their income so that the rightful amount of taxation can be applied.

For most individuals paying their rent, they will not be aware that they are dealing with a poor landlord until a problem arises and often then, it is too late to rectify the damage. Nevertheless, proof of paying the landlord does give individuals better rights than those who can prove nothing.
A money rent receipt book will confirm that any poor landlords that make incorrect accusations about non-payment or late payment, the documentation is available to prove otherwise.