How to Protect a Water Slide Inflatable on a Hot Summer Day in California


When it comes to water slide safety, the manufacturers know best. However, you can make any water slide inflatable slide even safer by following these steps.

Inflate the Pool Correctly

The clockwise method is a smart way to inflate a pool slide. To try it, just fill the air chambers in a clockwise pattern until the slide gains its shape.

Rely on the Release Valve

If you want a firm and supportive slide, use the pressure relief valve if your slide has one. It will release air when it’s time to turn off the air pump. You can ignore this safety tip if you have a continuous inflatable water slide.

Obey the Restrictions

Never fill an inflatable water slide to its limit. An inflatable slide should cave in a bit when someone slides on it. If you overfill a slide with too much air, it will most likely explode.

Consider the Weather

It’s not wise to pump up a pool water slide in the morning because the air in the unit could expand. This will happen if the sun’s heat increases the internal pressure within the slide’s air bladders. To lower your risks in this situation, you’ll need to partially deflate your slide in the afternoon.

Clean the Inflatable Housing Properly

If your slide is made of PVC or vinyl, clean it with a mild dish soap and warm soapy water. Avoid chlorinated disinfectants and oil-based cleansers as they can degrade a vinyl or PVC housing. WOW Water Sports LLC sells pool water slides, floating tubes, and more. .