How to Protect a Pair of Leggings Following Workouts in Manchester


If you take care of your women’s workout leggings, they will stay in great condition during and after multiple workouts. The process of maintaining a basic pair of legging is easy if you follow a few steps.

Schedule Strategic Wash Cycles

Every time you wash your leggings, water and soap suds will slowly break down the fabric. Instead of washing your leggings after each workout, only wash them following intense routines that made you work up a sweat.

Whenever your leggings have a mild odor, you can eliminate the scent with a fabric refresher. To destroy more odor molecules, thoroughly cleanse the leggings with a steam cleaner.

Manage Heat During a Wash Cycle

Because leggings are made out of delicate fabrics, intense heat can be a problem. If you wash your leggings in warm water instead of hot water, the fabric will maintain its strength and color.

Reverse the Fabric

When you’re not wearing your leggings, turn them inside out. If you store your leggings in a closet the traditional way, dust and other elements in the environment could fade the color of the fabric. While your leggings are inside out, the fabric will stay vibrant and bright longer.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Never use a fabric softener to enhance a pair of leggings. The chemicals in a fabric softener can destroy a sweat-wick coating and other abilities that make sports gear unique.

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