How to Prevent Fruit Flies in Your Beaverton House

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Fruit flies aren’t especially dangerous, but they are extremely annoying. Not only do they get in your food, but you can inhale them, and they can be embarrassing when company comes over. Here’s how Beaverton house cleaners would tell you to keep them at bay.

Rinse Fruits and Veggies

When you come home from the grocery store, rinse off your produce. This will remove certain residues that might be magnets for fruit flies. Beaverton house cleaners also suggest you mix vinegar into a spray bottle with water for extra cleaning power.

Take Out the Trash

Don’t wait for Beaverton house cleaners to do it for you. Take out the trash promptly so that if there are fruit flies, they aren’t in your home. Also, trash that’s left inside will make your house smell bad, and you want it to smell clean and fresh.

Don’t Forget Your Recycling

Too many people leave their recycling in the house too long. Those soda bottles and milk cartons can attract fruit flies just as well as produce.
Clean Up Food Crumbs

Crumbs may look small, but fruit flies are small too, and they will love your leftovers. Make sure to clean up any food droppings quickly so that they are not a magnet for fruit flies.

If you have a fruit fly problem that you can’t get rid of, or any other cleaning issues, contact Amazing Maids at right away for help. We will get your home clean fast, and those fruit flies won’t know what hit them.