How to Prepare for an Initial Meeting with a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Being in serious debt can affect most parts of a person’s life. Unfortunately, more people than ever before owe more money than is coming into their respective households. This type of situation can force a person to make hard decisions such as whether to pay a bill or put food on the table. To get out from under a load of debt, a person can make an appointment with a Bankruptcy Attorney. These guidelines will help a person get ready for this first meeting.

Prior to an initial meeting with a Bankruptcy Attorney, a potential client should fill out all client forms completely and accurately. These forms usually ask a person for his contact information, explanation of his debt, and actions taken to remedy the debt. Some questions may seem a bit personal in nature. However, a bankruptcy lawyer will need these details to see whether a person qualifies for bankruptcy or another debt relief program. Also, a bankruptcy attorney will need these details to decide if he wants to have a person as a client.

To get ready for a meeting, a person needs to have all his information organized into labeled folders. A person will need to bring documents pertaining to his debt and efforts made to get the debt paid off. Some types of documents to bring include the last three years income tax statements, the last six months’ bank statements, and proof of ownership in all real estate holdings. A person will need to provide the names of people living in his household. This includes children and other people he supports. It’s advisable to dress appropriately for the first meeting. A person does not have to buy new clothing. However, a person should wear his best clothing. This will help forge a better rapport with the lawyer.
Getting out of debt using the services of a bankruptcy attorney is not shameful. In fact, it can put a person bank on the road to financial recovery.