How to Pick the Best Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Child


In Colorado, there are more than twenty different schools to help your problematic adolescent. Each school has its own unique qualities and a range of different offered rehabilitation techniques– some schools focus more on the grounding part of nature, while others are more closed off campus style. It can be difficult to choose which school will have the best holistic effect on your child, especially when it comes to the issues that he or she may be dealing with.

Understanding the Issues at Play

Is your child suffering from substance abuse? Is he or she struggling with his or her personal image? Is your child at risk of suicide or self-harm? Knowing what your child is dealing with, is the first part of knowing which program to choose from in the Colorado area. Some residential treatment centers tend to focus on more helping adolescents with mental health issues. Others, on the other hand, can be completely focused on social issues. Children that seem stuck in his or her “rebellious streak” would fall under this category if, for example, they are continuously ignoring parental authority.

Price, Results, and Other Key Factors

When comparing programs, it’s important to keep in mind a couple of different topics. What is your price range? As most of these type of schools are private institutions, the price of attendance can be more than first expected, even at specialty therapeutic Schools. It’s going to be expensive, however, the cost of helping your child off the wrong path or be able to manage his or her mental illness should be priceless. Does the institution have reputable results? The first step should be looking at how the children who attend have changed since first arriving. Your child should be in good care, in a place that will work to help him or her truly heal.