How to Minimize Springtime Allergies With HVAC Service

HVAC Contractor

Spring is allergy season, and there’s no way around it. Starting in March, allergies and asthma flare up, giving rise to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, clogged sinuses, and itching. Seasonal allergies affect up to 60 million Americans, and these allergens enter the home by various means. Read on to learn how an HVAC contractor in Tucson area can help you keep your home allergen-free.

Using Top-Quality HVAC Filters

A quality air filter is crucial in facilitating smooth airflow and keeping indoor air clean. The HVAC filter is the first defense against dust and other airborne contaminants inside the home. A local contractor will educate you on the importance of proper filtration as it pertains to allergy prevention.

Getting Rid of Outdoor and Indoor Debris

During a springtime service visit, your technician will ensure that the outdoor condenser unit and its surrounding area are clear of debris, dirt, and leaves. The tech will clean the entire system during a seasonal tune-up, but it’s still a good idea to monitor the outside unit for blockages. In much the same way, your HVAC unit’s indoor air handler needs sufficient airflow for proper function. If the unit is dirty and dusty, it won’t just affect the quality of your indoor air; it may present a fire hazard.

Cleaning Return and Supply Vents

The HVAC system’s duct registers and return vents must be cleaned regularly (and before the rest of the unit is serviced) to ensure that the air circulating throughout the house is clean. Vent cleaning is relatively easy and should be a top priority in spring, as it keeps the house cleaner and the family healthier.

It’s important to schedule maintenance with an HVAC contractor in Tucson at least twice per year, particularly in the spring. Call today to schedule service or visit for additional details.