How To Manage Life Events And Retirement Savings

Financial Planning

No matter how carefully people in Greenville, SC, plan for life’s events, there are always issues that can occur that cause major changes. No matter what point in life these changes happen, financial consultants like Matt Dixon are available to help in adjusting your retirement plan strategy.

Many people in Greenville, SC, work with a financial advisor to create their initial plan. These same people often make changes to the plan or make financial decisions that impact their retirement savings without consulting with their advisor.

Matt Dixon, a Registered Financial Consultant, works with his clients at strategic points in life. This helps to restructure or change any elements of the retirement plan without making critical errors that can end up costing money.

Accessing Retirement Funds

A very common mistake is for people to access their retirement funds without considering the immediate tax implications and the long-term loss of income. Emergency situations can occur, but exhausting all other possibilities to find the necessary funds is a preferred choice over dipping into your retirement savings.

Marriage or Divorce

Marriage or divorce will have a direct impact on your retirement savings. Speaking with Matt Dixon can provide you with options to strategically plan the best way to manage your retirement savings through either of these events.

Having children, changes in careers, promotions, or major purchases, such as a home, can also have an impact on your short and long-term retirement savings. Consulting with your financial advisors can help you to make the necessary adjustments to your investment strategy.