How To Make Your Own Lip Moisturizer


As the economy is ever slowing, many people are beginning to for ways to make products that they once just went to the store and purchased without a care. One of the things you may not have thought about making for yourself is lip moisturizer. Yes, you can make your own lip moisturizer for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same product at your local mall.

The way to make your own lip moisturizer is quite easy really. All you need to do is find some beeswax to start the process. This may be easy for you if you are lucky enough to have someone in your family that works with bees. Not only will your beeswax be free but you can take pride in knowing that one of your loved ones had a part in helping to make your lip moisturizer. Next you will need to add 2 parts oil to one part beeswax and melt your wax. Once your wax is melted you can remove it from the heat and add the oil to it. If you are interested in your lip moisturizer having a hint of color you can accomplish this by adding a tiny bit of an old favorite lip stick that you may have lying around your house. What a great way to finish using the product you would once have thrown away. You can add various oils each time so that you can have lip moisturizers with different flavors and scents.

If you would rather just have a plain lip moisturizer you can always leave the bit of color from your old lipsticks out. This way your moisturizer will be colorless. You may also choose to find an oil that doesn’t have a scent if you are very sensitive to smells. The fun thing about making your own lip moisturizer is that you can tailor make it to your every liking. You no longer will need to go to your local mall and buy whatever they have, you can now make exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost. You will be able to take pride in the fact that you made your own product and also in the fact that you saved so much money by doing it.

If you get really good at making your own lip moisturizers, you may want to consider making some as gifts for Christmas this year. As Christmas is creeping ever closer by the day, making your gifts may take a bit of the stress and pressure off of you. I am sure your family and friends would love to receive a gift that is handmade by you because this shows that you took time to actually think about what they would like and make it to their liking.

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