How to Make Faux Stained Glass Panels

Home Improvement

Stained glass is a beautiful, but it is a very difficult hobby. If you want stained glass windows or doors, you should leave the job to a professional Commercial Glass in Houston TX company, such as Fashion Glass and Mirror. If you want to try your hand at faux stained glass, try it out on a single pane of glass or lamp shade. Here’s how:

What You Need:

Liquid leading

Translucent glass paint

Foam brush



1) Draw the outline of the design on the glass using the liquid leading. Keep the bottle at an angle when you squeeze out the paint so that you get a rounded line of paint. It mimics the leading used in stained glass.

2) Let the liquid leading dry completely. This might take several hours to overnight.

3) Paint the areas between the liquid leading with the translucent glass paint. Use the foam brush to prevent streaks and brush just a thin layer of paint on the glass. You do not want big clumps or thick layers of paint.

4) Let the paint dry. It will dry lighter and look like the see-through colored glass on stained glass.

Tips and Tricks:

1) You can hand draw your faux stained glass design or transfer a printed design to the glass. Use transfer paper from craft stores.

2) Glass companies, such as Fashion Glass and Mirror Houston TX, might even make custom designs for you. You can make your own faux versions of the designs used for your larger windows.

3) Can’t draw a straight line with the liquid leading? Use a ruler. Run the paint down the side of the ruler to make a straight line. Alternatively, you can also purchase strips of fake liquid leading that sticks to the glass.

4) Not all glass paint is weatherproof. You should face the painted glass inside your home so that wind, rain, snow, and sun won’t ruin it.

Making faux stained glass is a cheap way to have beautiful glass, but it certainly can’t compare to the real deal. Check out Fashion Glass and Mirror when you are ready to some professional stained glass.