How to Know if You Suffer from TMJ Syndrome and How to Treat the Problem


A temporomandibular joint syndrome is an oral condition caused by injured or damaged to the joint in the jaw and skull. There are various reasons a person may experience problems with TMJ such as unwanted stress that causes pressure in the jaw, grinding your teeth, misshapen teeth, or an uneven bite. When a person suffers from this syndrome, it is important to schedule an appointment to consult with a dentist about TMJ treatment in Saskatoon area. A dentist can diagnose the problem and provide effective ways to treat the issue such as wearing a mouthguard at night or cosmetic procedures to correct your dental problem.

Signs of Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

  • Frequent Headaches
  • Facial Pain
  • Tenderness or Pain in the Jaw
  • Discomfort or problems while trying to eat
  • The joint locks to make it hard to close or open your mouth.
  • A clicking sound can be heard or grinding noises
  • Pain around or in your ears
  • Feeling excessive tension in your jaw

Obtain Treatment Today with a Dentist

TMJ can range from mild discomfort to severe pain that can disrupt your life. A solution is available when you consult with a licensed dentist at Acadia Dental. They can help determine if you suffer from TMJ and find a treatment that helps solve your dental problem. A friendly and skilled dental team, their primary focus is to provide the comprehensive care their patients require for a happy and healthy mouth. Whether you require TMJ therapy, general dentistry, or cosmetic procedures you can rely on them to assist you in finding the treatment you deserve. From the time you enter their office and long after you leave, their dental team is there to ensure you have an exceptional experience when receiving oral care treatments.