How to find the Best Carbide Burs Dental for your Practice

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A dental bur is primarily used for cutting bone and tooth tissue in the mouth. Made from stainless steel, diamond grit, and tungsten carbide, leading-edge instrumentation is the newest thing. These dental tools are one of the most essential elements for a successful dental office to own. Many of these high-quality instruments are also used in the manufacturing industry for deburring aluminum, ceramics and stone.

Innovative Technology these days has facilitated the manufacture of superior quality carbide burs. Many of the burs are positioned uniformly. This minimizes the bonding process which sometimes may clog up. There is a better overall ability and use for cutting bone or tissue using these dental carbide burs.

Carbide Burs

The carbide burs have less vibration and are very durable. With a low chatter, the carbide bur is also less likely to rust. These burs are used for filling cavities and removing fillings. Bone is also shaped using carbide burs in many dental clinics.

Here are 8 different burs that come in carbide and are used by a variety of dental clinics:

  • Round shaped used for prepping a cavity and for use of prosthetics.
  • Pear-shaped used for retention grooves and removal of amalgam.
  • Pear-shaped used for retention grooves and removal of amalgam.
  • Taper flat end shape for reparations of inlay and onlay.
  • Taper round end used for excavating.
  • Cylinder round end is used for the removal of crowns.
  • Cylinder flat end is used for crowns and ceramic inlays and onlays.
  • Inverted cone used in contouring occlusal anatomy for the final restoration.
  • Amalgam Prep is used when prepping an amalgam.

Fine Dental Products

ound quality carbide burs dental products can be found by a hand-inspected and high-quality control company called Strauss Diamond Instruments. Each dental instrument is made to perfection before it leaves their factory. They are the manufacturer and supplier of high-tech and innovative burs and dental instruments. For many years they have provided convenient solutions for their dental clients. If you want the best Carbide Burs Dental instruments for your practice, contact