When working with metals and alloys, OEMs often look for contract manufacturing services close to their location. This is often seen as critical in decreasing the cost of freight, making supply chain management much easier and in the elimination of many logistics issues with managing third-party manufacturing.

Ideally, when searching using the term CNC machining near me, know what you require. Many of the top machining companies offer a range of additional value-added services from prototyping to marking and finishing or even assembly. These value-added services can be a contributing factor in choose the machining company and should be carefully considered in regards to the specific parts and components in the order.

Consider Capacity

Assuming the short list of companies found through search using the phrase “CNC machining near me” are all established, reputable companies, the next step will be to consider the production capabilities of the provider.

Some of these companies are set up to only handle prototyping and small volume orders, while others offer everything from prototyping to high volume, continual production types of orders.

Knowing what you will need from the CNC machining near me is an essential factor in making a choice. Be sure to consider not the prototyping services and the initial order requirements, but also the potential maximum volume production you are anticipating in the future.

Capacity will also include the ability to work with the material for your parts and components. Most shops will work with common steels and alloys, but not all offer machining services for more exotic types of alloys, plastics, and materials such as brass and bronze.

Quality Control

Having a reputation for producing top quality parts without defects is essential. Look for companies with ISO 9001 certification as a sign of a company committed to continuous quality control and improvements in all aspects of their services.