How to Find a Reliable Plumbing Contractor in Harford County


There are many reliable plumbers out there, but some unscrupulous ones only want to take the customer’s money. Customers can browse our website for five tips on avoiding swindles related to drain and sewer cleaning and, by following them, customers can pay for only the services they need.

Learn How to Spot Inaccurate, Disingenuous Questions

Dishonest business owners train employees on spotting likely candidates for a fraud. These workers are trained to ask questions such as: “Can I speak to your husband?” When a worker gets the answer they’re seeking, they know they’ve found their prey. If a plumber uses such tactics, the homeowner should take it as a significant red flag and they should continue their search for a plumbing contractor in Harford County.

Look For Evidence

Employees of unethical plumbers are taught how to convince a homeowner that their problems are worse than they really are. Some work in pairs, with one getting information on the customer while the other makes the issue seem much worse than it is. For example, a fraudulent plumber will intentionally put rocks in a cleanout or house trap to ensure future stoppages. After multiple visits, they’ll show the customer what they’ve removed from the plumbing and tell them that they’ll need a jetting and video inspection at a substantial cost.

Ensure the Authenticity of Video Footage

While the above-mentioned jetting and video inspection can be a valuable tool when used properly, it can be a liability when put into unethical hands. Video cameras can help to locate a buried septic system or to determine the extent of repairs, but a dishonest salesperson may play a pre-recorded video and tell the customer that it’s their piping. Homeowners should ask the tech to record a distinguishing feature of their home to prove that the footage is authentic.

Consider the Basics

When choosing a plumbing contractor in Harford County, check its background with the BBB and other local organizations. If a company is playing on homeowners’ fears of expensive sewer damage, or they’re resorting to high-pressure sales tactics, the homeowner should take their business elsewhere. By following the tips above, customers can be assured that they’ll find an honest, reliable plumber.