How to Find a New Family Physician


Choosing a doctor that meets the needs of you and your family can be challenging. Whether you’re new to your area or simply haven’t been established with a primary care provider previously, navigating your local health care community without a guide can be intimidating. However, establishing yourself and your family with a family physician is important for a variety of reasons, and avoiding it can cause far more stress than you’re already dealing with. Use these simple tips to find the physician your family needs before the next illness hits!

Determining Factors for Finding Your Family Physician

There are several approaches to finding the doctor you need, but this brief checklist will cover most of your bases. When researching or contacting family physicians in Andover, Kansas, ask about these key points:

  • Is the provider accepting new patients?

  • Is your insurance accepted?

  • Do their office hours seem conducive to your family’s schedule?

  • Are they ever available on call, and at which hospital or other locations can they see you outside the office?

  • Are there multiple doctors associated with the practice? If so, will you be able to choose who you see?

  • What is the average wait time for new patient and established patient appointments?

  • Do they offer walk-ins, same day appointments or other ways of meeting your needs when your family is sick?

In addition to these, you may want to ensure that any labs that may be in partnership with your provider – and therefor eventually responsible for part of your care – also accept your insurance, as well as new patients.

Getting a Feel for Your Provider

Of course, one of the primary concerns when establishing yourself or your family with a new doctor is how comfortable you are with their practice and techniques. How did your family physician and their staff make you feel? Were your concerns and those for your spouse or children addressed, and did you leave the visit feeling confident about returning? If all of your needs were met appropriately, you may have found the perfect provider for your family. Ask about setting up regular appointments for everyone needing care, and establish an ongoing treatment plan with your new provider.

If you are finding a family doctor in the Andover, Kansas area, contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, a local practitioner, and ask about available appointments. A team of doctors their is uniquely trained and highly skilled, and strive to provide unparalleled service to each patient.