How to Find 2N2222 Transistors in Texas

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Tackling a project that requires 2N2222 transistors, but having a difficult time finding 2N2222 transistors in Texas? Because so many electronic supply stores have shut down, it is difficult to find a place to walk in and buy transistors and other small electronic parts. Fortunately, express delivery options mean that online shopping for electronic parts can be easy and convenient regardless of where you are located.

Is a 2N2222 the Right Transistor?

The first thing to consider is whether the 2N2222 is the right transistor for the job. Determining which transistor to use depends on the project needs, which is why part specifications are important. Specifications should meet or exceed project needs, but exceeding project needs can cost more money. The economical choice is to choose the most affordable part for the project, which may not be the 2N2222.

What is a 2N2222 Transistor?

Introduced by Motorola in 1962, and originally packaged as the TO-18, the 2N2222 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor. It remains the ideal transistor for many low power, medium voltage, medium-to-high speed, and medium current applications, but now it is usually packaged more efficiently than the original TO-18 packaging.

How to Determine Transistor Specifications

To find out specification information about an electronic part, it is safe to rely on the JDEC specifications. JEDEC is a global semiconductor trade organization that offers independent standardization of parts using or used with semiconductors. Compare project specifications against JEDEC specifications to determine the correct part for an application.

Transistors Similar to the 2N2222

Several transistors may work in the same applications as the 2N2222. They include the 2N2222A, the BC548, the 2N2907, the 2N2219, the 2N3904, and the 2N2222A. Many of these transistors have similar specifications as the 2N2222 but cannot handle the same current loads. However, they may be better suited to applications that require amplification or higher speeds. That is why it is critical to compare part specifications against the requirements of each project.

Not Sure Which Transistor to Pick?

Wondering if the 2N222 is the right transistor for the job? Ask a component expert to make sure. Find more information about the 2N2222 and how to 2N2222 Transistors in Texas.