How To Evaluate Top Voice Over Actors

voice actor

Evaluating and selecting voice over actors is never an easy task. Trying to decide which voice creates that instant connection with your audience is a challenge, particularly if you are new to the technical aspects of developing compelling voice overs for television, film, online applications, video games or any number of other different projects.

Regardless of the specifics of the project, there are three essential components to evaluation in top voice over actors. After all, not every voice is the right match for every part, so at least auditioning several professionals will give you a complete range to select from.

Listen to Prior Work

All of the top voice over actors will have a portfolio or gallery of clips, segments and snippets of work they have completed. This is an excellent place to start with an evaluation as it provides you with what the voice over actor thinks is his or her best work.

Look for passion, enthusiasm or character development through the samples. It is also a good idea to see if the actor has done something similar to your project or if this will be a completely new line of work.

Provide a Selected Reading

Just as there are auditions for actors, the top voice over actors will audition for their parts and roles. Providing a selection of the script and giving the actor the freedom to read it how he or she sees the part will be insightful.

You can also provide minimal instructions or character information and then see how creative the voice over is.

Ask For References

Understanding how responsive and receptive the voice over actor is to working with others is an important part of the evaluation. Often it will be necessary to make changes or even adjust specifics of the voice over component.

Having a top professional voice over actor who is able to adjust and adapt to these instructions and changes will be very beneficial to completing the project with minimum stress and with a very positive experience for all involved.