How To Ensure Secure Cloud Storage

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In the first generation of cloud-based services, security was an issue. Today, thanks to advances in technology and a focus on security by providers, secure cloud storage is available for public, hybrid, and private cloud solutions.

In addition, specialized levels of secure cloud storage are available for organizations or industries with mandated requirements and compliance regulations. A good example of this can be found in clouds dedicated to the banking industry. Many medical service providers also use cloud storage with enhanced security features to follow the strict HIPPA laws and requirements for patient data and information.

What is Security in the Cloud?

Very similar to any type of computer security, cloud-based technology uses a combination of software, policies, apps, and monitoring systems to ensure data in the cloud is free from hackers and breaches. Different types of security features, including end-to-end encryption, can be used to provide the desired level of secure cloud storage.

There are also considerations for security at data centers where the actual physical servers are stored. These facilities are carefully monitored with extensive screening and security checks on staff, hardware, software, and all technologies used within the facility. Advanced testing for vulnerabilities throughout the cloud and the network helps to detect any possible weaknesses or gaps and correct them before there is an attack on the data.

As a general guideline, a single-tenant cloud, also known as a private cloud, offers the highest security level. The cloud security can be uniquely configured by the customer, with multiple levels and layers integrated throughout the cloud.

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