How To Do Your Own Gutter Repairs In Dallas Tx

Gutter Protection Systems

If your gutters are faulty, broken or not doing their job, the rain that comes off your roof may be making puddles around your house. Water that pools around your home can leak into your basement, damage the wood on your house and draw mosquitoes. Below you’ll discover some of the most common reasons why you may need Gutter Repairs in Dallas Tx and how you can fix them yourself.

There are several reasons why you may have a hole in your gutter including rust or damage from branches or other objects. Once you notice a hole, you shouldn’t wait very long before you patch it, because the hole will expand. Holes can easily be fixed with cement and a metal patch kit that you can buy at a hardware store. If you notice numerous holes in your gutters and the gutters are several years old, you might want to forgo the patch job and buy new gutters instead.

Leaks In Joints

The joints where gutters fit together can come apart or leak and cause rain to drip from the seams. Before fixing the joint leaks in your gutters, make sure that your gutters are dry and if not, dry them with an old rag. Line both ends of the gutters up straight and apply gutter sealant around the entire circumference of the joint. If you have leaks in the end caps, you can apply some of the sealant around the inside of the caps before replacing them.


Sagging gutters are most often caused by loose or missing support hangers. To install new hangers, drill a hole in the gutter lip and fascia, place a screw in the end of a hanger, insert the screw into the hole and tighten it. Install new hangers in as many places as you need to get the sag out of your gutters. Fixing damaged gutters isn’t difficult; however if you don’t have the necessary tools or if you don’t want to fix them yourself, call a professional who does Gutter Repair in Dallas Tx as soon as possible.

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