How to Determine Quality of Compost


It’s time to add compost to the soil, but how do you know you are getting what you really need? Many homeowners are not familiar with its quality. It can be relatively easy to learn about what makes a high-quality compost before ordering it from a compost supplier in Utica, NY. Here are some of the basic qualities to look for.


The texture is one way to determine quality. A high-quality product will have a loose and somewhat granular texture. Any bark or wood should not be recognizable as such. It should be loose enough to spread easily. It should also work into the soil easily.


When the compost supplier in Utica, NY makes the delivery, it should be moist. It’s important for it to contain the right amount of moisture, not too dry, but not soggy either. One of the benefits it brings is once it is mixed in with the soil it can hold almost 2.5 times its own weight in water.


The proper hue is dark brown or black. Avoid those too light in color as they most likely don’t contain enough organic matter. They usually have too much soil instead. When it begins to dry out, the true color is clearly visible. In general, the darker the better.


The best products delivered by a compost supplier in Utica, NY will have a deep, earthy smell. Many times, bagged items have unpleasant, strong smells such as sewer gas or ammonia. This type of odor indicates a lack of the maturing process and can cause damage to plants. A good rule of thumb is if it has a strong, unpleasant smell, it shouldn’t go on a landscape project at all.

Ordering from a reputable compost supplier in Utica, NY will help avoid any problems with substandard materials.

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