How to Deal with Your Courier and Messenger Service in Los Angeles


When you only use a courier or messenger service in Los Angeles, once or twice every year, their systems and practices may be unknown to you. Understanding what their delivery charges will be and how you should pack the items, may be as mysterious to you as your business is to them. What should you know?

Always Understand the Charges in Advance

Before you can safely charge your customer for your product to be delivered quickly by courier or messenger service in Los Angeles , you will need to know how much the shippers are going to charge you. Most will need to know the size and weight of the item that they are to courier from one location to another. They may need to know the value of the items in case specific insurance requirements are requested.

Check with their website, online and follow their recommendations for packing your items securely. They may only be messengering a document across the city, but to ensure its safe and secure arrival it should be packed in the manner described to you by your courier, as your minimum standard. Any additional packaging may involve extra cost and be unnecessary.

Understand Your Labelling

Your choice of courier company will provide you with instructions about how to label the package that they are to transport on your behalf. Using the full and correct address is vital if speed of delivery is important to you. You can easily check the address online and it is worth the extra time taken, to ensure your parcel or document is not delivered incorrectly.

Your messenger service in Los Angeles will ask you about the valuation of the item being transported, as they may need to mention insurance options to ensure that you are covered in the eventuality of a problem occurring.

The individual who collects your parcel will provide you with tracking information. You may have secured this data when you booked the service online. This enables you to track your goods in real-time on the courier company’s website.