How to Choose the Perfect Long Hair Color Rock TX

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Changing hair colors is a big decision. Most hair colors last about 6-8 weeks so what people decide on is something they should feel that they can live with for that period of time. There are many things that one should consider when choosing a Long Hair Color in Rock TX.

Tips for Choosing Hair Color


The color and tone of skin can make or break a color of hair. Some colors can wash out a complexion making a person look pale versus vibrant. These colors are ones that are not going to fall in the color wheel for that complexion. With long hair, it is important to choose a fitting color for around the face but further down past the face, complexion is not a factor.


When choosing color for long hair, the style that will be worn should be considered. If a fishtail braid is worn to the side, a Balayage or Ombre type coloring shows the different shades off in the actual braid. If the hair will be worn in a tight bun, the color does not show very well much past the roots. Click here for more details.


It is typical to visit the salon every 2 months to have a touch up on hair color. If someone wants something more low key, it is best to take that in to consideration for the hair color. Foil Highlights require touch-ups much more frequently than a Low Light. A combination of both can be a happy medium for time spent at the salon. With that type of color, it has to be decided also to do a full or partial highlight and/or low light. This is one of the most natural shades that has tones of different colors.


Like fingernail polish, clothing that will be worn with the hair color is important. This will accentuate the look that one is trying to accomplish. Some people bring in their favorites outfits to the salon to try on with their new hair so the stylist can show them the best way to style the new hairdo.

Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar has expert consultants that are there to answer any questions or help make a decision easier for your Long Hair Color Rock TX.