How Often Do Student Apartment Facilities Raise Their Monthly Rates?

Apartment Building

One of the worst things about living in a traditional apartment is dealing with surprise rent increases. When you’re going to college, you can’t live with that kind of instability. You need to know what to expect every month so you can focus on your classes. Do student apartments ever raise their rates, or do they generally stay consistent?

Does UNC Chapel Hill Off-Campus Housing Offer Steady Rates?

Ultimately, there’s no way to 100% guarantee that your rates won’t increase. But generally, rates don’t increase in the middle of the semester. You can expect steady rates for at least your first semester, if not the full year. Your student apartment facility will typically notify you ahead of time if they’re increasing their rates so you’ll have time to prepare.

If you grabbed a discount on your first year, you might experience a rate increase if you don’t get that discount in your second year. For that reason, it’s important to renew early so you always get the best rates. Most student apartments will post regular updates on social media, letting you know about rent discounts and how long they’ll be available.

If you’re not ready to make a decision, we offer a wealth of information about UNC Chapel Hill off-campus housing. You’ll walk away knowing what to expect from a student apartment, which can help you decide if it’s the best option for you. Get a student apartment of your own by applying on the Lark Chapel Hill website.