How Lift Trucks Can Damage Your Commercial Scales

Construction and Maintenance

In an industrial environment, many things can happen in a day’s time. This is especially true if you have a lot of employees, vehicles and departments. In fact, many of these things can affect process weighing. Even if you own highly accurate weighing scales, your weight measurements can sometimes be affected by people driving fork lift trucks. Here are some of the problems along with possible solutions.

What Causes Scales Damage?

If you have large platform floor scales, they can be a target for your lift truck drivers. When drivers get in a hurry they may do things which end up causing damage to your scales. For example:

  • Forks may be “dropped” instead of eased down onto the platform.
  • A driver may bring a load in too low and the forks could ram the platform.
  • Fluid leaks could make their way to the scales.

Let’s examine some solutions to these problems.

Fork Damage

It may be time to remind all drivers of the importance of not getting in a hurry. The most accurate weighing scales are of little use if they are damaged or broken. You might consider posting a warning sign in the weighing area also.

Fluid Leaks

A lift truck can have a number of problems areas for leaks. For example, it could be hydraulic, transmission or engine oil. To prevent this issue, drivers should always perform a maintenance check before each shift and take leaky vehicles out of service immediately to avoid accidents and equipment damage.

Buying the Right Equipment

Some accidents may be unavoidable and it’s best have accurate weighing scales built to handle tough conditions. This is why you should buy your scales from a company specializing in industrial weighing equipment. These companies provide heavy duty scales and custom solutions to your problems, at prices within your budget.