How Jumper Insurance Can Protect Your Horse During an Event or Practice


Owning a horse is a great responsibility, they require the right care to help keep them healthy. Between purchasing the horse and maintaining its care, it can be a large investment for the owner to make. Especially for horses that are trained to be hunters or jumpers, they require specialized training to help them perform in a unique way. The training that these types of horses require can be expensive after you factor in the number of hours and amount of money invested in teaching the ponies the right techniques. Hunter Jumper insurance in Georgia is specifically designed to cover these types of horses in case an accident should occur during practice or a show.

Why Obtain Specialized Insurance

There are increased risks for an owner of a horse that has been trained to perform as a Hunter or Jumper. They make precise moves that place the horses at risk of being injured while practicing or at a show. From a broken leg to stresses on ligaments or tendons, these injuries can be expensive to receive care for depending on the severity of the injury. With Hunter Jumper insurance in Georgia area, the policy can cover the expenses occurred for any surgical procedure or medical care the horse should require. With the expensive training the horses require the policy is designed to offset the cost if the owner should incur a loss due to theft or mortality of the horse.

Obtain Reliable and Affordable Insurance Today

Harbin Equine and Farm offers their clients experienced agents who have dealt with the complex challenges that come with owning horses. Whether you operate a farm, provide boarding, horse training, or own show horses, these agents can help you find that unique insurance policy that will protect your investment.