How is Auto Glass Repaired?


If you have been driving for any number of years, then chances are you have had a cracked windshield at some point. This is especially a problem in rural areas where gravel roads may still be commonplace, but it can happen anywhere at any time. A cracked windshield is not just unsightly but can be dangerous and costly if left alone. If the crack is in your line of sight or spreads to it, then you could end up with a ticket. Also, if water gets down into the crack, it can cause the glass to start to delaminate. This is when you see those bubbles in someone’s windshield near a crack. Most cracks can be repaired and save you a lot of time and money. So, here is a basic overview of how the pros make auto glass repairs in Chicago and other areas throughout the country.

Starts With Cleaning

Like anything else that you want to stick, you need to make sure your windshield is clean before attempting a repair. Generally, shops will use a solvent to get the windshield as clean as possible without leaving any residue. Most shops will use either acetone or alcohol. Either of these will work since they will not damage the glass, but the will get it clean and will dry in under a minute in most cases.

Next, Pull a Vacuum

The next step is for the shop to pull a slight vacuum on the crack. They will attach what looks like a suction cup. Some of these are self-contained, but others can connect to a pump to draw a good vacuum. This is needed to make sure the epoxy gets into all of the cracks. If a vacuum is not pulled, then the repair will not last long, and it will look poorly done.

Now The Sealer

Next, the epoxy sealer is injected into the suction cup. The vacuum will then force it deep into the crack, completely filling it. After that, it will need to cure and be finished by the shop. This procedure is simple and fairly straight forward, so repairs are usually cheap.

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