How Hospice Health Care Service Can Help with End-of-Life Care

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End-of-life care is important for making sure that patients have a good quality of life during their remaining time whether it is a few days or a few months. Most patients in hospice have a life expectancy of six months or less so it’s important that they receive good care. Here are three services that a patient may receive from hospice.

Medication Management

While in hospice, the staff will ensure that patients are comfortable, which includes controlling their pain. Also, they may receive prescription medications to ease or control the symptoms of their disease whether they have cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, end-stage kidney disease, or any other terminal illness. The health care service they receive is not only to make them comfortable but to allow them to have a good quality of life for as long as possible.

Teach Families About Care

A hospice will also teach families how to properly care for loved ones if the patients desire to be at home for their remaining time. The staff can teach family members how to administer medications that reduce pain, how to properly bathe the patients, how to toilet them if they are bed bound, and how to assist them with other daily activities.

Alternative Therapies

Some hospices will also provide as well as teach about alternative therapies that can make the patient’s last days as comfortable as possible. These therapies may include aromatherapy, massage therapy, and pet therapy, which can provide comfort and companionship for a patient. The health care service that hospice patients receive not only treats their medical conditions but provides help for their mental health as well.

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