How Energy Efficient Skylights Can Help Save Your Business Money

Home Improvement

The benefits of creating an energy efficient workplace are pretty clear. From a reduced carbon footprint to cleaner surroundings, making the switch to energy-efficient, green technology helps to keep the environment safe and free from excessive waste and pollution.

However, many business owners are unaware that there is a practical side to energy efficiency, as well. When businesses invest in an energy efficient daylighting system – aka skylights – the cost is minimal compared to the savings it will produce.

Reduce Electricity Consumption

Sources of artificial lighting is one of the largest ‘phantom expenses’ most modern businesses incur. ‘Phantom expenses’ are those that businesses usually don’t notice. This is usually a hidden cost of operating that is never considered in terms of lowering since it is a necessity.

However, artificial lighting is not as necessary as some people once thought. Due to the superior lighting offered by natural light systems, artificial lighting systems that dominated in the 20th century offices are quickly being phased out and replaced with large windows and skylights. Due to this change, the significant energy costs associated with operating the artificial lighting system are being gradually reduced.

Prevent the Transfer of Ambient Heat

When the summer sun is blazing down, heat doesn’t waste much time traveling from the exterior of a building to the interior. Older skylights tend to allow heat to come inside, offering very little in terms of a protective film or insulation to stop the unwanted UV radiation or heat.

Modern skylights are created completely differently. Many of the modern options include protective materials, which help to prevent any unwanted heat from making its way into your workplace. This results in your HVAC system not having to continually run to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your building.

Increases Workplace Output

Studies have proven – not only will natural light help you save you money, it will also help to make you money. When workers are exposed to natural light it increases their productivity and mood. These types of environments are significantly more productive than ones where workers are kept from natural light all day long.

Improves Your Business Health

In addition to improving overall productivity, exposure to natural sunlight throughout the day can lead to improved health. When workers have access to natural light during the day they have fewer cases of being ill or calling out sick.

Skylights offer a number of money saving benefits for your business and you can learn more by visiting our website.