How Driveway Contractors in Toledo OH Can Improve Your Home or Business

Construction and Maintenance

Your home is your greatest investment, so do not trust it to inexperienced concrete contractors. The Driveway Contractors in Toledo OH should provide expert service at competitive rates. Many offer free home inspections and estimates for your home improvement projects. Concrete and asphalt services provided by Driveway Contractors can assist with concrete installation, repair, and replacement services. This may be a need you or a family member requires to improve accessibility. Driveway Contractors in Toledo OH can add a new driveway and install sidewalks, porches, patios, and handicap ramps to improve accessibility. If the concrete around your home or office is damaged, these companies offer many choices to fix or replace patios, sidewalks and driveways as well as other areas.

Concrete provides great durability and, unlike asphalt, it is extremely low maintenance. If a driveway is placed correctly with steel reinforced concrete and a well-compacted sub-base and then sealed, you can anticipate it lasting for about 30 years, even with little maintenance depending on the finish. Asphalt requires resealing every three years, which is the maximum number of years on average that it will endure without any upkeep. Also, your home or business may need to add an additional asphalt layer within five years of being installed. Asphalt stays soft until it has cured, which can take six to 12 months. Within six to nine months after being installed, the first sealing of asphalt is typically done.

Driveway Contractors in Toledo OH are designed to improve the appearance of your property. Individuals who reside in more rural areas will occasionally have asphalt driveways as an alternative to concrete. Asphalt seal coating provides a tier of protection against the elements and will make the base pad last much longer. Companies that have asphalt parking lots should look into having an annual asphalt seal coating service scheduled. A new parking look will improve the overall appeal of the lot, giving the entire area a sharper and more polished look. This coating method also prevents oil and gasoline leaks from automobiles from weakening the asphalt, which may cause more cracks to occur after a hard freeze in the winter.