How Does Your Landscape in Boston Compare with Other Neighborhood Yards?


Most homeowners spend the majority of their time outside. However, this can change if you have your yard landscaped and taken care of regularly. If you open up your outdoor space, you can consider it an extension of your home, somewhere that you can both entertain and relax.

What Do You Want to Include?

Before you contact a professional for your landscape in Boston, you need to consider what you would like to change about your yard overall. For instance, maybe you want to include some water features to your landscape or wish to add some shrubs or bushes. Flowerbeds, no doubt, will be a part of your landscaping plans.

What is nice about adding grass and trees in a landscape is the cooler temperature that both provide. You do not have this type of latitude if your yard features rocks and hardscaping in the landscaping design. For example, a grass lawn is cooler than asphalt, cement, or even the soil. When grass radiates cooler temperatures, you also do not need to run your AC as much. That is one cost savings that is important, especially if you can use the extra money to spend time with your family.

Adding Tall Trees for Shade

Tall trees featured on a landscape also provide the needed shade. Usually, it is best to locate taller trees on the west and south sides of a property. By taking this all-important step, you can reduce the temperature in your attic by a whopping 40 degrees. Doing so can also lower any glare coming through your windows during the day.

If you would like to learn more about the cooling effects of grasses and plants, contact a company such as Cambridge Landscape . Contact the company today for a free consultation about your own property. If you want to play it cool, placing a call is a good move. You can also connect them on Facebook.