How Do Custom Freighters and Craters in Salt Lake City Work?


Some items are entirely too large to be transported easily. But, the job must be done. How does a company that is moving their supplies manage to properly protect the equipment and inventory they so clearly rely on? The teams use a method known as custom packaging. It is arguably the safest way for large-scale transport.

It is not well-known that freighters and craters in Salt Lake City area can create custom packages. The packaging will be exclusively designed for that exact type of item. The largest problem in transport is damage. Few packages can fit a very specific type of measurement for an item that is irregularly shaped. Most packagers will have to rely on additional padding, but that is not a sure method. There are gaps present in the packaging. The gaps can open the door for potential damages.

The custom packaging uses crate liners like mentioned above. This includes styrofoam, sponge foam, and polyfoam as needed. But, the core of the packaging is in the creation of the crate itself. For example, Freighters and Craters can create custom-measured combination crates. They will accommodate the exact item with protective surface padding at the right levels and the right thickness. The cushioning material fits the frame of the item perfectly. The team can also replicate the packaging if a client has multiple versions of the same item.

Manufacturing equipment is one of the main items in need of custom transport. All the various parts are often disassembled, and they are rarely in nice uniform shapes. The equipment is lined with accessory packagings, such as shrinkwrap and polyfoam. The crate is made of wood and created with custom measurements. Items are easily transferred by traditional pallets.

Freighters and Craters in Salt Lake City can create fully customized packages to transport the most irregularly shaped items. The crates are built from the ground up. A representative may come out to the location to obtain measurements for the equipment that needs to be shipped. They will craft a custom box within 48 hours that will perfectly accommodate that exact item. Customers can receive large-scale transport that is logistical and reliable.

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