How Dental Extraction Can Improve Your Dental Hygiene


Getting an unhealthy tooth removed can greatly improve the health of your entire mouth. If you have a tooth that you are concerned about, you need to take action quick to avoid disruption to your oral health. Cracked or failing teeth can be easily removed via dental extractions from a Chicago dentist, and the results are often incredible.

Eliminating a Magnet for Bacteria

A failing or cracked tooth is often the perfect environment for harmful bacteria. The longer you wait to remove a compromised tooth, the larger the negative impact on healthy teeth and gums. If you have a compromised tooth even without pain, you need to seriously consider dental extraction because infection may have already reached the root of the tooth.

A Simple Procedure

The first step to a dental extraction in Chicago is a short consultation about how to approach the extraction of the tooth. The majority of extraction procedures are very simple and require only local anesthetic. On average, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes for the dentist to extract your tooth and stitch up the space. Some advanced tools even allow the dentist to dissolve the tooth in the gum. This results in a calm and relatively painless procedure.

A Return to Best Hygiene Practices

Often a failing tooth subconsciously affects the way you take care of our entire mouth. You might not brush effectively on the side where the tooth is in order to avoid pain, or you might not use mouthwash because it irritates the area. Removing the tooth with dental extractions in Chicago will help you return to a normal routine. This will benefit those areas around the failing tooth that were receiving less than adequate care.

If you are suffering from a compromised tooth, go to the dentist. An extraction could greatly improve the health of your teeth and gums.

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