How Can You Treat Depression with Ketamine Infusion in Phoenix?


If you hear the word “ketamine” and think that it sounds like a very serious drug, there is a good reason for that. The medicine used to be used on battlefields and as an anesthetic in operating rooms. But current usage of ketamine infusion in Phoenix focuses on the medication to help with depression.

What Happens During an Infusion?

Ketamine infusion in Phoenix is done in the safety of a clinic or other medical facility. You are hooked up to an IV and receive doses of ketamine for at least 45 minutes. Doses tend to be very low. Although ketamine can also be administered as a nasal spray, most of the scientific research backing up ketamine as a safe medicine has been conducted on the IV infusion version of ketamine.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine works very differently from other medications used to treat depression. Major medications to treat depression typically worked by balancing serotonin levels. Ketamine helps with depression by repairing the damage your brain has suffered from the release of stress hormones.

How Effective is Ketamine?

Ketamine infusions have been known to reduce depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety that accompanies depression. It reduces symptoms much more quickly than traditional therapies used to combat depression, such as talk therapy, other types of medication and electrical shock treatments.

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