How Can You Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Charleston, SC


Whether you’re facing a felony charge or something a little less serious, maintaining your freedom will depend on putting on a strong case. This requires hiring a good criminal defense attorney in Charleston, SC, to help you defend yourself. The following guide will help you find an attorney when there is little time to delay.

Consult Your Friends and Co-Workers
If you know someone who has been charged with a similar crime, ask them who they hired to represent them. This can help you find a lawyer with a good reputation among your peers. Even if your loved ones haven’t had to hire a defense attorney themselves, they may know of others who have needed these types of legal services.

Search Online
You can conduct an online search, but limit your search to your geographical area and the type of offense with which you have been charged. This will help you find someone in your region with the specialized experience you will need.

Ask Other Attorneys
If you work with an estate planning lawyer or a business attorney, ask them who they would recommend. Practicing lawyers will know who has a good reputation, so this can help you find a worthy criminal defense attorney in Charleston, SC, to represent you. They may also direct you to other resources, such as the state bar association website, which can give you further information about attorneys in your area.

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