How Can You Avoid Electric Repair in Indianapolis With Surge Protection?


Most people do not realize there are surges in their appliances many times a day. An electrical surge occurs when the voltage in your power line goes above maximum limit. Over time, this can cause your appliances to become damaged and could wipe out your computer hard drives. Power surges can also be dangerous, because they can cause fires. To avoid this situation, many homes are now being installed with whole house surge protectors. This can help you to avoid costly Electric Repair in Indianapolis.

What is Surge Protection?

There are two types of surge protectors that can be used in your home. The most common type of protector is the point of use protector. These help to protect your appliances, computers and electrical devices and can typically handle power surges up to six thousand volts of power. These protectors stop the surge from entering the appliance or computer, protecting it from the damaging high voltage. They should be placed on each major appliance, on all computers and on electrical devices, like TVs and stereos. This can prevent major power surges from destroying these items or damaging them.

There are also whole house surge protectors. These prevent power surges coming from the power lines from entering your home’s wiring. This can protect your home from dangerous and damaging high voltage, because these surge protectors are able to absorb the excess voltage, preventing it from entering your home. Though these whole house systems can provide valuable protection, they should be used in conjunction with point of use protectors, for full protection.

These types of surge protectors can help you to avoid Electric Repair in Indianapolis and can protect your expensive appliances and devices in your home. To have these systems installed, you need to hire a licensed electrician. This is not the type of job you should try yourself. If you are interested in learning more about surge protection for your home, contact Business Name. They will be glad to come out and inspect your home and give you information on these systems and how they can protect your home. Through surge protectors, your appliances and other devices will be safer.