How Can Homeowners Take Care Of Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ?

Pest Control

Wasps are one of the most aggressive insects a person can deal with. Unfortunately, wasps can attack in large numbers and cause painful stings that can be deadly to those who are allergic. It is important a person is aware of the signs they have a problem with wasps and know what to do so they can be rid of these pests. With this information, homeowners will be prepared with how to deal with Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ.

Most of the time a homeowner is not aware they have a wasp problem until they happen upon a nest. If a wasp’s nest is disturbed in any way, the wasps will immediately go into protective mode and work to attack as efficiently as possible. This can mean a person will experience hundreds of stings within a short amount of time. When a person finds a nest in their home or on their property, it behooves them to leave it alone and call in the professionals for Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ.

Wasp’s nests should only be removed by professionals because the average colony can hold as many as 6,000 wasps. When a professional pest control specialist comes out, they first fully protect themselves with special gear to ensure they will not be stung in the process of removing the wasps. While there are different methods of removing wasp’s nests, the most common is with powder insecticides.

The most common type of wasp insecticide is Ficam D. This powder is piped around the nest and is not available for the general public to purchase. The dust is collected on the feet of the wasps and they then contaminate the nest, spreading the insecticide throughout. It typically takes about two hours for the wasps to die out. Once the wasps are dead, the nest is removed.

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