How an Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine Can Benefit Your Business


Deciding whether or not to invest in an orbital stretch wrap machine for your business can often be a weighty decision. The sometimes heavy upfront costs can be a little off putting if you aren’t fully aware of the many money saving advantages to this type of investment. With that said, it can also sometimes be hard to determine exactly how much you will gain by implementing this type of packaging equipment for your manufacturing company as opposed to sticking with more traditional hand wrapping methods. In the end, it comes down to several factors including labor costs, production levels, product costs, instances of damage during transit, as well as safety and worker’s compensation cases.

Highly Versatile and Efficient Automated Packaging Solutions

It is taking these points into consideration that will help you determine if an orbital stretch wrap machine will be beneficial to your daily business operations and your bottom line. In recent years stretch wrap has become an increasingly popular method due to the superior protection it offers products as well as its versatility in types of packaging it can perform. When compared to traditional hand wrapping methods, companies also stand to gain the benefits of lower material costs as automated packaging machines make more effective use of the stretch wrap materials. Some stretch wrap has the potential to double in size, which means of course you would be able to wrap double the amount of product when getting it ready for storing or shipping.

Save Money and Get More from Your Materials with an Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine

When you consider the amount of stretch film you typically go through on any given day, being able to double the amount of product can significantly improve material costs while eliminating waste. Companies like Tab Industries have developed fully automated wrapping systems that allow you to not only eliminate waste decreasing material costs, but also increase your output at an economical price. Whether you are wrapping boxes, cases, pipes or steel drums products like the Tab Wrapper Tornado® can help you achieve a uniform wrap that helps protect your product, saving you time and money every time.